Turbo-Ticket Dispenser Operation

Basically the electronics are 12 VDC. There are 4 switches, three of which are not used.
One is used for the type of pulse returned to the game. OFF is negative and ON is positive.
Most or all US games are negative I believe.

Adding tickets is easy:

Adjusting brake

This is done by tightening or loosening the screw in front. If too tight the motor will drag.
If too loose the brake slide will go under the rollers. The correct movement is preset at the factory.
If changed, tighten the screw to the brake slide until that the motor starts to drag. Loosten the screw
until the motor runs smoothly. Set securing nut.

Removing Ticket Jam;

Replacing belt:

We have run belts forever without problems. A new drive belt is about $5.
The ticket is driven by two O rings, one on either side of the drive belt.
The belt turns the roller and the rings move the ticket.
The screw inside the spring controls the brake. This is the key to speed.
It takes very little pressure to move the tickets and a lot of pressure to hold the tickets for tearing.

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