The World's Best Ticket Dispenser is Also the Fastest

Two identical games, in the same arcade, ten feet apart, played by the same customers.
The faster ticket dispenser game grossed 30% more than the slower dispenser game.

* * * Games that Dispense Fast . . . Gross More * * *

Revolutionary Design is Simple & Relable
Dispenses 700 to 2800 or more Tickets Per Minute (TPM)
National, Globe, Indiana, Guangzhou or Others
Operates in Any Standard Arcade Game

Turbo-Tickets S-600 (Right) vs. Deltronics (left) - 100 TX

Turbo-Tickets S-2400 (Right) vs. Deltronics (left) - 200 TX

Big Bass 2000 Tickets Per Minute Video

Don't play an exciting game for 20 seconds and wait 5 minutes for tickets! The trend
in redemption is winning a larger amount of tickets or bonuses. It is not unusual to
play games that have a 500 or more ticket prizes and a 1000 to 5000 bonus. Time is money.
People generally donít play while a game dispenses tickets so, now go faster.

This revolutionary dispenser from Wedges/Ledges dispenses National, Globe, Indiana
or any other standard arcade tickets. Dispensing a prize or bonus rapidly means
more income, greater excitement and higher player gratification. This results in much
more money in the operators cash-box. Very Simply the best dispenser makes you more money.

Turbo-Tickets Models:

S-700 ..................... 700 TPM
S-1400 ................. 1400 TPM
S-2100 ................. 2100 TPM
S-2800 ................. 2800 TPM

Speed is approximate and will vary somewhat with voltage and current

Retail under Two Hundred Dollars
Test Dispenser Available on Request

4" Wide - 5.5" Long - 6" Deep - 12VDC
Deltronics Compatable Mount & plugs

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Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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